We help you recover

We care about getting you back on track after a workplace illness or injury.

Recovering from a workplace injury or illness can be different for everyone and can take time. During your recovery you want support and to know we are there for you every step of the way.

We know everyone’s needs are different and that’s why we treat you as an individual. Our people are specialists and our claims management is best practice. By working with you, your employer and your treating health practitioner, our goal is to help you to return to health and work quickly and safely.


Making a claim for a workplace injury

If you become injured at work, it’s important to tell your employer immediately. They should provide first aid if it’s appropriate, and help you seek medical treatment.

Your employer should notify us about the incident within 48 hours, but you or your representative may also contact us.

Generally once we are notified, we will contact you, your employer, and if necessary, your doctor to determine how best to support your recovery.

Within 7 calendar days, we will also provide information about any payments you may be entitled to if you need time off work, are working reduced hours, or if you’re in need of medical, hospital or rehabilitation services.


Report an injury or make a claim

Report an injury or make a claim via icare's online portal

Phone: 13 77 22 (Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm, closed public holidays)

Email: Download the Injured Person Lodgement form (PDF) and email to newpiclaims@icare.nsw.gov.au

Post: Locked Bag 2099, North Ryde BC, NSW 1670


To make a claim you will need to provide medical evidence that you suffer from an injury or illness as a result of your employment.

If time off work is required, see a doctor and have the doctor complete a certificate of capacity.

Sign and date the worker’s declaration on the certificate of capacity and provide the certificate of capacity to both EML and your employer. Attach any bills or receipts for treatment. Contact 13 77 22 about any services that you need that may require pre-approval.

You are required to comply with our requests for information within seven days. If you don’t respond within time we may discontinue your weekly payments.

Your employer or your representative may provide the above information to us on your behalf. You may also provide other information that supports your claim.


Getting a certificate of capacity

Your doctor provides this certificate and it is the main way in which your doctor communicates with everyone involved in your claim.

In your certificate, your doctor should identify:

  • your diagnosis and its relationship to employment
  • medical treatment you need
  • your capacity for any work (such as how much and what type of duties you can perform)
  • if a referral to a workplace rehabilitation provider is needed
  • any delays in your recovery
  • details of previous related injuries

Your certificate should not cover a period of more than 28 days. In special circumstances wecan agree to a longer period.

You should sign the consent section of the certificate of capacity to enable communication about your injury between your treating health practitioner/s, the insurer, your employer and any workplace rehabilitation provider.

You are also required to complete the declaration as to whether or not you have been engaged in any form of employment or in self-employment or voluntary work.

The worker declaration does not need to be completed by exempt workers.

It’s your responsibility to have a current certificate so you continue to receive any weekly payments and treatment services you are entitled to.


Hold on to your claim number

When your injury has been reported, we will give you a claim number (sometimes referred to as a reference number).

This number will appear on all correspondence relating to your claim.

Make a note of the number and quote it to your doctor and treatment providers.


icare Worker Assist

icare Worker Assist provides information on what to do and expect if you're injured at work.

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Useful forms

Forms and resources for injured or ill people are available from the icare website:

Workers compensation benefits guide icare forms and resources for injured or ill people


Feedback on your claim

What to do if you have feedback in relation to your claim.

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Approaching 260 weeks of workers compensation payments

Under Section 39 of the Workers Compensation Act 1987 weekly payments are available for a maximum (aggregate) period of 260 weeks (five years).

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