EML has been managing workers insurance and injured workers compensation claims in Australia for over 100 years. Our timeline below shows the extraordinary history of where we began and what we’ve achieved.

In 1910, we chose our mutual company structure as the best way to provide secure and cost-efficient insurance coverage. Today we are Australia's only workers compensation mutual. We invest considerable time, funds and resources into giving back to our members.

As we look towards the future, we continue to build on this value. We’ve helped generations of Australians cope with illness and injury in the workplace and we aim to be there for generations more.


 Over 100 years of service


icare NSW awarded EML 100% of new claims from 1 January 2018. 


Our Accident & Health offering complements our statutory insurance products. Our goal is to provide customers with a seamless claims management experience across all people insurance covers.


WorkSafe Victoria chooses EML to become part of its panel of workers compensation agents.

EMLife launched as a specialist life insurance claims management service.

2015 EML pioneers with industry-first mobile case management in South Australia.
2013 EML awarded national contract to manage claims for Woolworths Limited under a self-insurance scheme, supporting over 220,000 employees nationally.
2012 ReturnToWorkSA extends EML’s contract, now managing 50% of their scheme.
2011 icare Insurance for NSW expanded EML’s share of the scheme from 18% to 32%.
2010 EML celebrated its centenary with over 1000 employees managing premium exceeding $1 billion.
2008 EML created Hospitality Employers Mutual Limited (Hospitality) to give NSW hotels and clubs an industry-owned workers compensation scheme provider.

Hospitality supports over 1600 accommodation hotels, pubs and clubs. It provides insurance through two brands – Hotel Employers Mutual (HEM) and Club Employers Mutual (CEM).

2006 With a doubled workforce of 540 employees, EML was appointed sole agent for WorkCover South Australia (now ReturnToWorkSA).

EML’s workforce grew to 240 employees.

Further expanding, EML became an appointed claims manager of the NSW Treasury Managed Fund (now icare Insurance for NSW) for government employees.

2003 It was announced that EML would manage the Coal Mines Insurance Industry Scheme and take on public liability for association schemes.
1995 EML continued to manage claims for icare. It was a company of 35 employees managing a premium of $29 million.
1987 The underwriting of NSW workers compensation shifted to WorkCover NSW (now icare workers insurance) and EML was awarded a license to manage these claims. 

EML achieved the incredible feat of an unbroken 54-year record of paying large rebates to policyholders.

Premium rebates from the 1920s to 1960s averaged around 50%, substantially higher than almost all other insurers of that time.

It was testimony to the success of EML as a mutual specialist in workers compensation.


The Great Depression saw the closure of many businesses and insurers but not EML.

Advertisements from this time stated that our organisation “is still thriving, despite the depression and is paying its policyholders the usual substantial bonus refund”.

1927 The mutual structure was so successful that every EML policyholder received a 60% rebate off their premiums.
1926 These three associations merged to become Employers’ Mutual Indemnity Association Ltd.
1914 Two years later, the Master Carriers’ Mutual Indemnity Association Ltd began.
1912 The concept of workers insurance spread to other industries and the Master Plumbers’ Mutual Indemnity Association Ltd was formed.
1910 Employer and employee groups saw the need for appropriate benefits to be paid to workers who had been injured on the job.

A large baking business, Great Southern Bakeries, and the Master Bakers Association decided to provide workers compensation to the baking, plumbing and transport industries in NSW.

They established the Master Baker’s Mutual Indemnity Association Ltd, staffed by five employees.