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  1. Collection

    WHS Poster Library

    Search our range of WHS posters, available for you to download and start displaying in your workplace straight away.

  2. Collection

    Injured at work? Resources for you

    Helping people get their lives back after workplace injury is what we do. We've curated a range of resources to support workers and their families. Access them for free through ...

  3. Collection

    Ageing workforce

    This collection provides a range of helpful resources to support employers, supervisors and employees navigate unique challenges of an ageing workforce.

  4. Collection

    Mental Health

    Resources for workers, their families and employers to assist with prevention and recovery from work-related psychological injury or mental illness.

  5. Collection

    Occupational Violence and Aggression

    We understand that many workers (particularly in the aged care and retail sectors) have experienced some degree of violence and aggression in their careers. We are investing in ...

  6. Collection

    Family Support for Emergency Services

    Family support of an emergency service professional: husband or wife, partner, son, daughter or sibling, can make a huge difference to your loved one’s recovery from injury or m...

  7. Collection

    Police Career Transition

    Resources and support for NSW Police Officers transitioning to a new career.

  8. Collection

    PTSD in Emergency Services

    Resources for workers and clinicians to help protect emergency service workers from the impacts of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and mental illness.

  9. Collection

    Career transition: Support services and programs

    EML has compiled a list of the support services and programs health practitioners can share with injured NSW Police employees.

  1. Article

    New videos available to support your recovery

    Access our range of videos for helpful tips on making a successful recovery after a workplace injury.

  2. People's story
    People's story

    From one-punch victim to football champion

    Fred was working as a security guard in Sydney’s CBD when he was victim to a one-punch attack that changed his life. Through injury and resilience, with the support of EML and h...

  3. Video

    Preventing manual task injuries

    Manual task injuries put tradies out of work across Australia every day. Take a look at our video collection for guidance on safer manual handling.

  4. Article

    Preventing secondary mental injuries

    Did you know that your employee who has a physical injury could be at risk of incurring a secondary mental injury? A secondary mental injury is a mental injury caused by the pri...

  5. Video

    About the claims process – for employers (Vic)

    We’ve created a series of short, animated videos to help employers understand the Victorian workers compensation claims process and help their injured employees to return to wor...

  6. Guide

    Resources to help prevent and manage OVA

    Help prevent and better manage occupational violence and aggression incidents in your workplace with these resources and our online training.

  7. Video

    A step-by-step guide to managing the claims process – for employers (SA)

    We’ve created a series of short, animated videos to help employers understand the South Australian workers compensation claims process and help their injured employees to return...

  8. Case study
    Case study

    On the move

    EML senior mobile case manager Tim shares his insights into what a typical day looks like for mobile case managers and the ways in which this unique role is helping workers get...

  9. Case study
    Case study

    Two million kilometres and counting

    Mobile case management is having a profound effect on workers’ lives – it’s helping them get back to work faster and feel great about doing so.

  10. Tool


    EML is proud to be launching our mobile app RecoveryMate which has been specifically designed for the workers we support. RecoveryMate aims to provide simple and convenient supp...

  11. People's story
    People's story

    Reconnecting through a passion for sport

    Toby's life changed forever when the truck he was driving as part of his job crashed, leaving him with severe injuries. In this video, Toby and his EML Case Manager Dakota share...

  12. Article

    Helping create safer workplaces

    Access our freely available articles, resources, videos, case studies, links and resources to help safeguard your workers from accidents and help your injured workers recover an...

  13. Video

    (Mis)behave with Dave

    Reduce the risk of absenteeism, anxiety and depression with a positive workplace environment. EML’s six-part video series will show you how

  14. Article

    NSW support services - for you and your family

    These NSW support services can help you, your family and support network access additional supports to help you get your life back after workplace injury.

  15. People's story
    People's story

    The right mix of determination and support

    At a special event on February 23, David Wrout was announced as the winner of the Worker Return to Work Achievement Award at the WorkSafe Awards.

  16. Article

    Protecting workers in hospitality

    Whilst Covid-19 restrictions are gradually easing, staff are still required to continue to manage Covid-19 compliance. This can place workers at risk of being subjected to workp...

  17. Case study
    Case study

    Protecting workplace mental health

    The initiative titled ‘Mind Your Head’ (MYH) is funded by our Mutual Benefits Program and is a collaboration between the ACTU and EML, supported by WorkSafe’s WorkWell Mental He...

  18. Case study
    Case study

    Supporting your people

    The cost effective and innovative approach adopted by SPC combined a range of approaches to provide a scalable delivery of support and education initiatives across their workfor...

  19. Case study
    Case study

    Raising awareness of mental health in the workplace

    Discover how Bolton Clarke equipped their leaders with the skills and confidence to recognise potential signs of mental stress and how to best provide effective support through ...

  20. Video

    Spotlight: Pain after an injury

    Musculoskeletal conditions are the leading contributor to disability worldwide, with lower back pain being the single leading cause of disability globally.

  21. Article

    Career progression after a mental health workers compensation claim

    Career progression after a psychological injury: what to consider before lodging a claim, returning to work after time away, and looking for your next job.

  22. Article

    Preventing disability with PGAP

    Chronic pain and long-term injury are among Australia’s most expensive health problems and a significant cause of people being unable to return to work.

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