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  1. Video

    Diet and mental health

    Watch and learn with Dietitian Dr. Scott Teasdale PhD, as he explains what happens to you and ways to manage your diet to help you on a path to a healthier life.

  2. People's story
    People's story

    Owning your injury – Chris and Robyn’s story

    Chris’s life changed in an instant when he was involved in a serious car accident while on the job as an arborist.

  3. Video

    First Appointment videos

    The First Appointment videos help you be mentally and physically prepared to start treatment with a psychologist, psychiatrist and exercise physiologist.

  4. Article

    Hangovers in the workplace

    Australian’s are known for their love of a tipple but when employees show up to work clearly hungover it can cause issues.

  5. Case study
    Case study

    Using workplace technologies to reduce manual handling injuries

    In partnership with AON, Mutual Benefits funded an innovative project by Longitude6 at DuluxGroup involving the use of wearable sensors and body scanning technology to reduce th...

  6. Case study
    Case study

    Supporting your people

    The cost effective and innovative approach adopted by SPC combined a range of approaches to provide a scalable delivery of support and education initiatives across their workfor...

  7. Case study
    Case study

    Raising awareness of mental health in the workplace

    Discover how Bolton Clarke equipped their leaders with the skills and confidence to recognise potential signs of mental stress and how to best provide effective support through ...

  8. Article

    Organisational Violence and Aggression

    Last year EML partnered with Phoenix Australia, to conduct research into OVA. The initial findings highlighted that many healthcare workers have experienced some degree of viole...

  9. Article

    NSW support services - for you and your family

    These NSW support services can help you, your family and support network access additional supports to help you get your life back after workplace injury.

  10. Article

    5 ways to get you moving at work

    We all know that staying active is important, not only does it help you keep physically healthy but the benefits to your mental health and mood are impressive.

  11. Article

    Apps for wellbeing

    Take a look at our list of helpful apps and online tools designed to support your physical and mental wellbeing.

  12. Case study
    Case study

    Check Inn Mental Health & Wellbeing in Hospitality

    This innovative program includes an engaging podcast series, workshops and information sheets to support hospitality workers build wellbeing skills.

  13. Article

    Mental health workers compensation claim: guide for employers

    Ways to support an employee who has sustained a psychological injury at work, whether it’s ok to ask an employee about their mental health history, and providing a mentally heal...

  14. Article

    Career progression after a mental health workers compensation claim

    Career progression after a psychological injury: what to consider before lodging a claim, returning to work after time away, and looking for your next job.

  15. Video

    Improving your mental health through exercise

    Exercise is one of the best things you can do to preserve mental health or recover from mental illness.

  16. Video

    Preventing manual task injuries

    Manual task injuries put tradies out of work across Australia every day. Take a look at our video collection for guidance on safer manual handling.

  17. Guide

    Recovery after Trauma Guides

    Find information and support for exposure to traumatic events with EML’s Recovery After Trauma booklets

  18. Case study
    Case study

    Supporting workers through early onsite intervention

    Workplace injuries can be devastating for both employees and the organisations they work for. Through our Mutual Benefits program, EML provides funding to support the delivery o...

  19. Case study
    Case study

    Tailored to your needs

    A 30% reduction in direct injury costs is one of the many benefits The Barossa Co-op has enjoyed from introducing a tailored injury management system.

  20. Article

    Focus on making Police career transition easier

    When it comes to police officers leaving the job due to injury, the organisation’s strength can create a challenge.

  21. Article

    Preventing disability with PGAP

    Chronic pain and long-term injury are among Australia’s most expensive health problems and a significant cause of people being unable to return to work.

  22. Guide

    PTSD expert guidelines: a clinicians summary

    For clinicians of emergency service workers with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This summary of the expert guidelines gives you the gold-standard in diagnosis and treatm...

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