Giving back to our community is our core value

We sponsor events and partner with organisations that commit to improving lives. It’s one of many ways we make a difference for workers and employers across Australia.

  1. Blokepedia

    Blokepedia aims to improve the lives of Australian men through opportunities for connection, learning, and individual development. We support Blokepedia’s mission to promote open and honest conversations in order to encourage early help-seeking and healthy behaviours.

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  2. Phoenix Australia

    Australia’s National Centre of Excellence in Posttraumatic Mental Health, Phoenix Australia, conducts research and translates knowledge into action, such as improved treatment options and greater support for trauma-affected individuals, families and communities.

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  3. Community Leadership Scholarship

    The EML Community Leadership Scholarship will be awarded to an individual from the Limestone Coast community who has demonstrated commitment to community and local leadership.

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  4. Feel The Magic

    Feel the Magic® is Australia’s largest and leading grief education and support program for children grieving the loss of a parent, sibling or legal guardian.

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  5. Team Rubicon

    We are proud to be an Australian Strategic Partner of Team Rubicon. Together we share common values and goals, with both organisations providing opportunities for veterans and ex first responders to transition to civilian life by providing valuable vocational endeavours.

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  6. The Collaborative Partnership

    As the only private sector organisation to become a financial partner in The Collaborative Partnership, EML and the collaborative partners will work with employers, employees, health professionals and industry leaders to develop innovative solutions that help Australians to have healthy and safe working lives.

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