We all know that staying active is important, not only does it help you keep physically healthy but the benefits to your mental health and mood are impressive. But understanding that you need to keep physically active and following through are two different things. And many of us use work as an excuse for our inactivity.

So, how can you keep yourself moving at work (while still getting your work done)?

When it comes to staying active, every little bit helps

Here are a few tips on how to get in some exercise at work:

  • start your day off by walking a lap of your workplace to say good morning to your co-workers
  • have walking meetings to be both active and productive
  • where possible take the stairs and use the bathroom on a different floor to add a few extra steps in your day
  • take your rubbish and recycling to a bin furthest from your desk
  • create a team fitness challenge that everyone can participate in. 

Try out these challenges with your team:

  • one minute wall sit three times a day
  • 10 body-weight squats every hour on the hour
  • start a pedometer challenge to see who can get the most steps
  • have a group stretch at the end of the day or week.

Get active at work posters!

New WHS Posters are now available including a GET ACTIVE AT WORK series with a range of easy stretches that can be completed during breaks, before and after your shifts. These colourful posters can also be co-branded with your logo and will serve as a helpful reminder to get moving at work.