First Appointment videos: what to expect from your clinician

The First Appointment videos help you be mentally and physically prepared to start treatment with a psychologist, psychiatrist and exercise physiologist.

The series was developed by EML in consultation with the Black Dog Institute to help set expectations about a first appointment following work-related injury.

Watch first appointment: psychologist

Watch first appointment: psychiatrist

Watch first appointment: exercise physiologist

Experiencing a work-related injury often creates uncertainty and stress. Injuries that are psychological and relate to mental health can be even more challenging because of fear of stigma.

And yet all the research indicates that getting help early can mean the difference between three or 300 appointments with a clinician.

“When you see a psychiatrist you should expect to be getting better” said Associate Professor Sam Harvey, Chief Psychiatrist at the Black Dog Institute. 

Having an insight into processes, procedures, what to expect from your provider, and what you need to bring to the table, and reassurance that you can enjoy life after injury, is invaluable.

The video series feature leading experts in each field who give insight into how to prepare for your appointment, what to expect, how you can play an active role in recovery, and top tips for getting the most out of your appointment.

They also include the personal experience of someone who has received that kind of treatment and how that experience helped with their recovery.

“When I first went and saw a psychologist, years before I had my final breakdown, I gave up on that experience way too early. It's one thing I think in hindsight – I should have gone back to a doctor and asked for a referral to somebody else and kept trying until I found someone that was a good fit” said Craig Semple, former Police Officer.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Emergency service workers have a high exposure to potentially traumatic events, increasing their risk of developing PTSD and other psychological injuries.

As a trusted provider of personal injury management services to multiple emergency service agencies nationally, we are committed to helping our first responders access the best treatments at the right time.

The PTSD: securing a productive future video gives overview on the core clinical specialists likely to be involved in supporting recovery from PTSD. Former Police Officer Craig Semple also shares his personal experience of PTSD, treatment and recovery.

Watch work-related PTSD: securing a productive future

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