Toby's life changed forever when the truck he was driving as part of his job crashed, leaving him with severe injuries which ultimately resulted in the amputation of his right leg. 

It wasn't easy, but he set goals and worked hard to successfully return to his pre-injury job. However, that's not the end of his story.

In this video produced by icare, Toby and his EML Case Manager Dakota share how he overcame his significant injury, successfully returned to work and then went on to represent NSW in the sport that he loves.

The road to recovery

Toby was determined to reconnect and return to something that he loved before he was injured - playing Rugby League.

‘Playing sport just gives you a sense of belonging to me and having people around you and a purpose to do things.’ Toby Popple

An avid player since he was only four years old, Toby has represented Rugby League across NSW. He coached a junior team during his teenage years and refereeing up until 2018.  Alongside his busy work schedule, he still managed to play touch football at a state and national level for five years.

Taking on a new challenge

Toby remained positive and optimistic about his sporting career following his life changing injury and reached out to his EML Case Manager for support.

‘the biggest factor was actually being able to provide him with a custom sports wheelchair which has helped him return to an active lifestyle and re-engage in his passion for sport.’ Dakota, EML Case Manager

Toby's custom wheelchair enabled him to compete in both Wheelchair Rugby League, and Basketball. He also realised his dream for playing for New South Wales within an incredibly short period of time!

Determination to succeed

Coming back from such a significant injury takes a great deal of strength, determination and support. Thank you Toby for sharing your story of recovery. 

'Without my accident, I wouldn't be where I am today… I wouldn't have opportunities like I have.' Toby Popple

Helping people get their lives back

We’ve been helping people recover from workplace injuries for over 110 years, it’s profoundly important work and we’re immensely proud of the good our people do every day to help injured workers get their lives back. 

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