Family support of an emergency service professional: husband or wife, partner, son, daughter or sibling, can make a huge difference to your loved one’s recovery from injury or management of trauma. We understand the benefit of family support, as well as the challenges you may face in your role as support-person.

The information in this collection is designed to help you understand and support your loved one’s recovery and the impacts it can have on family life.

There are a range of employer-provided and community-based services that you can access to maintain the wellbeing of you and anyone else close to your loved ones, such as children. There are also resources to help you find right level of support for your husband, wife, partner, or other close relative.

Understanding your partner's mental health

Family Support Useful Resources

NSW Police Family Support Coordinator

A short-term information, advice and referral service, that supports family members, including but not limited to those of ill and injured NSW Police Force employees.

FRNSW Support for staff, their family, and friends

Practical suggestions on how to help support the firefighter in your family, practice self-care for yourself, and ensure family and friends know of available resources.

NSW Health Resources - Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

A free, confidential counselling, coaching and wellbeing service available to all NSW Health staff and their immediate family. The service is completely confidential.