Meeting your self-insurance challenges

Outsource your personal injury claims management to help control costs and stay focused on your core business.

We understand the complex challenges faced by businesses who have elected to self insure. Efficient claims management and positive safety outcomes all demand specialist skills and knowledge.


Reduce claim costs and improve liability outcomes

By partnering with us, you can enjoy the benefits of self-insurance. We work with you to help your injured workers recover and return to work, limiting your exposure to unnecessary claims costs.

We have a national team of experienced workers insurance experts. Use our talent and resources to improve your business outcomes. Even better, focus on your core business and leave us to tailor our capabilities to the specific needs of your organisation.


Solutions that flex with your needs

We will work with you to design a flexible self-insurance solution that makes the most of your existing services. Our client-centred model offers you a broad range of services to choose from.

As a third-party claims administrator, we can administer your self insurance in part or in full.

We have expert staff and proven strategies in early intervention and claims management. Our team of claims specialists have expertise in legislation, medical treatment and recovery.

Reduce claim costs and improve liability outcomes with sound decision-making and benefit provision.


risk sharing options

Risk sharing options

Spread your self insurance risk by sharing it with us. As an APRA-licenced insurer, we have the capability to take on part of your workers compensation liability. This reduces the reserve you need to carry on your balance sheet.


Consultancy services

We can help you build the kind of return to work strategies that will deliver results. Use our specialist skills and experience to achieve sustainable outcomes. We'll collaborate with you to apply best practice to your self insurance activities.


Technology services

Self-insurance often demands specialised IT systems. We design and install technology solutions that support a range of business activities. We also offer the outsourced option of a single point of supply supporting an end-to-end managed service.


Staffing solutions

Meet your statutory obligations and performance standards with experienced self-insurance claims managers. Our people are available on or off-site in both urban and regional areas. They specialise in all areas of claims management, such as early intervention, legal, compliance and training.


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