Online risk management tool

Reduce claim costs and improve return to work outcomes with SUMMIT. This online Musculoskeletal Risk Management Tool provides immediate information about a worker's injury.

It acts as a one stop shop, bringing together the doctor's letter, photos and videos of job tasks. Doctors, rehabilitation providers and employees can access this information to make uniform treatment decisions.

It also gives employers an understanding of the physical demands of job roles. From here it is easier to determine what jobs are suitable for injured workers.

Collaborative approach to rehabilitation

SUMMIT integrates the core streams of pre-employment, workplace improvement, rehabilitation and wellness.

It encourages a collaborative approach and communication between those included in rehabilitation. Online access ensures relevant information can be shared immediately.

Our customers come first

We reinvest part of our profits back into Mutual Benefits like SUMMIT.

Now more than ever it is easier to access the tools and support you need at the touch of a button. Manual task action plans, technique prompts and online training modules are a few of the SUMMIT resources you can use to drive preventative change in your workplace.

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