Health providers are an essential part of every good case management support team. A wide range of third-party support services and programs available to help people who’ve been injured at work. Some of these services are compensable under the Workers Compensation Act, or are specially-designed for injured staff of NSW Police Force.

Throughout recovery, a person’s needs are likely to change and if career transition is relevant to their circumstances they are likely to benefit from additional support around wellness and preparing for career transition.

EML has compiled a list of the support services and programs health practitioners can share with injured NSW Police employees. This list is made public to help medical and allied health providers identify suitable supports for injured workers and make a medical referral if required.

We’ve also created user-friendly brochures for NSW Police patients who have a claim for workers compensation and who may benefit from these services and programs.

Electronic brochures for sharing with injured workers

If you have a claim for a work-related injury, speak with your case manager, Police Injury Management Advisor, or your treating doctor for more information.

Health professionals are welcome to contact us for more information on these services, it may be helpful to have the claim ID if your enquiry relates to a claim.