The EML Group is a specialist in personal injury claims management. The Group consists of a mutual insurance company, Employers Mutual Limited, and ASWIG Management Pty Ltd – an operating company responsible for the commercial management of operations.

This structure has been a cornerstone of the Group’s success since its establishment in 1910.

Employers Mutual Limited

Employers Mutual Limited was established in 1910 as a mutual company and is owned by its members. Eligibility for membership is defined in the Constitution. It is governed by an independent board of directors.

Profits are reinvested for the benefit of members. The company’s profit is derived from insurance operations, investment income and the company’s 50% share of the management profit generated through an operating partnership with ASWIG Management Pty Ltd

Our mutual benefit programs are available to other stakeholders, including employers, government and private sector insurers that the EML Group provides services to via third-party administrator (TPA) contracts in the personal injury claims management sector. 

Employers Mutual Limited is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). It is also a member of the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals.

ASWIG Management Pty Ltd

ASWIG Management Pty Ltd is the operating company responsible for the commercial management of all operations of the EML Group, including personnel, systems and infrastructure.

The company provides the Group with the benefits of professionalism, commercial efficiency, prudent management, longevity, retention of key staff and a deep understanding of personal liability injury management and care.  

The company is owned by executive management personnel. ASWIG Management Pty Ltd is entitled to 50% of the profits from operational management.

EML Corporate Structure

Mutual Benefits

Over the last 10 years, Employers Mutual Limited has invested over $121 million of profits into programs designed to:

  • improve outcomes for workers and employers
  • develop, trial and implement initiatives to reduce workplace injury and better assist injured workers.

A dedicated team scope, design, produce and oversee innovative projects. Together with our people and research partners, we aim to improve workplace health and safety and return to work outcomes.

We collaborate with employee and union organisations, employers and peak industry bodies to design projects that are geared towards industry needs – both existing and emerging trends - and to ultimately achieve better outcomes for workers and employers.

Visit Mutual Benefits to view an extensive range of programs funded by Employers Mutual Limited.


We help people get their lives back

Whether you’re an employee injured on the job or an employer wanting to create a safe and harmonious workplace, we make it easy for you to access the right tools, resources and support.

We are specialists in personal injury management and the largest personal injury claims manager in Australia. We employ 4,000 people and have helped over 1.1 million injured workers.

The EML Group delivers high quality outcomes for employers and workers through professionalism, dedication and care.

Who we are

As specialists in the personal injury claims management industry, the EML Group has managed workers insurance and injured workers compensation claims in Australia for over 110 years. We are now the largest personal injury claims manager in Australia, operating in every state and territory.

We are the injury management partner of choice for employers and government agencies. We are renowned for our claims expertise and personalised support in helping injured workers return to work.

The EML Group has a long and proud history. We bring together the staff and systems from our experienced management unit with the prudential oversight, capital and customer focus of our mutual insurance company.

We achieve a unique balance between the important attributes of customer care, expertise and commercial efficiency through the sharing of group earnings between our mutual customers, staff and management.

Employers Mutual Limited reinvests profit into research to improve workplace health and return to work outcomes and to prevent the incidence and severity of injuries. We explore ways to improve the way we communicate with and service our members. And we support better practice across the personal injury sector by contributing to knowledge sharing, and creating a learning organisation to improve capability within claims management.


Why choose EML?

The EML Group provides high quality, specialist personal injury claims management services. We are the trusted provider for more employers and governments in Australia because we aim for excellence in all that we do. We put people first, are highly responsive to change and our mutual status means profits are reinvested to benefit members. Our core business helping workers get back on their feet – back to work and health.  

We continue to evolve our service approach to make it easier to reduce overall claims costs and partner with employers to better manage personal injury claims.