Meet the Directors of Employers Mutual Limited

  1. Paul Baker - Chair

    Paul Baker has experience in the areas of insurance, reinsurance commercial and administrative law, risk management, business management and corporate governance.

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  2. The Hon Lisa Neville - Director

    The Honourable Lisa Neville has had a long and distinguished career in public policy and public administration.

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  3. Patrick Gurr - Director

    Patrick Gurr is a career publican with extensive experience in the hospitality industry over 40 years. As an active member of the Australian Hotels Association, he brings a wealth of experience in dealing with Government at three levels.

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  4. Nikki Britt - Director

    Nikki Britt is a well-respected and passionate health professional, and has spent more than three decades assisting people with an injury, illness or disease to recover by returning them to work.

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  5. Bruce Hatchman - Director

    Bruce Hatchman is a Chartered Accountant and has practiced principally in the areas of audit and corporate advisory assignments.

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