Working together to make a difference

Helping people is our purpose. Together with our partners, employers, medical providers and customers, we drive industry-leading return to work outcomes and safe work initiatives.

The positive relationships we build with customers is our measure of success. Safer workplaces. Positive outcomes for injured workers. We care about achieving these outcomes and doing it with integrity and empathy.

Your needs are at the centre of everything we do. We commit to understanding your needs and appreciating your challenges.


Open and honest communication

We keep you informed and involved from start to finish. Our communication is friendly, professional and courteous. We use non-technical language to explain the complexities of workers compensation.

Phone messages are responded to within one business day and information requests within five business days. If you need resources provided in a different language, we are happy to accommodate.


Superior customer service

We listen, collaborate and treat you like a person. When you send us a claim/notification, we’ll be in touch within three business days. We'll discuss the injury and provide information about the actions required.

We use specialist and innovative services to support your requirements within agreed timeframes. We provide relevant and accurate information, including updates on progress. We inform stakeholders of key decisions and we advise customers of their rights and responsibilities.  

Any changes to key EML contact(s) is advised in writing within five business days of the change.


Feedback we listen to

We welcome customer feedback. We value and encourage your thoughts on what we are doing well and what we can do better. Feedback helps us work out how we can improve, so we’d love to hear from you.