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If you or one of your workers is injured at work then either you or they may be able to receive compensation.

We are committed to working with you, providing the specialist support needed to facilitate recovery and return to work.

Our claims teams are trained to help you through the claims process, and facilitate any benefits you are eligible to receive.

If you need assistance to facilitate your claim contact us:

T: 1800 469 931

E: info@eml.com.au


NSW - icare workers insurance


icare Insurance for NSW

EML is an agent for icare Insurance for NSW and provides case management services for a range of NSW Government Agencies including NSW Health (Health South), Police and Emergency Services, and smaller agencies such as Department of Premier and Cabinet and Department of Planning Departments.




South Australia



National Self Insurance 

As a national self-insurance partner, we deliver claims management services to employers and their workers across Australia. Click through to make a claim if you are an employee of one of the following self-insured companies:






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