Learn about your transferrable skills

You have acquired some very effective and desirable capabilities throughout your service with NSW Police. The skillset that a Police Officer develops is desirable for both public and private employers.

Hear from former officers as they share their career transition stories.

The following outlines some capabilities and what this looks like in the workplace aligned to different ranks. You may find this useful in considering how to apply your skillset to a new role outside of the Police Force.

What options do I have for future work?

NSW Government Jobs

Understand how your current police rank or role aligns to NSW Government job grades.

The NSW Government has approximately 400,000 ongoing, temporary and casual employees to develop policy and deliver NSW services. NSW public sector roles are graded. Each grade forms the basis for a job's pay (also referred to as 'remuneration') and its key accountabilities.

Remember to consider all your skills and experience gained before, during and since leaving the organisation when using the guide.

Select an option for the public sector equivalent grade to police ranks or roles:

The benefits of employing a former NSW Police Officer

Officers of NSW Police are loyal, with many officers envisioning their whole career would be with the Police force. They bring with them, this same loyalty to a new employer. Former NSW Police officers act constructively in highly pressured and unpredictable environments and model ethical behaviour.