Understanding your finances

The following information relates to sworn Police Officers only as they are considered exempt workers in the Workers Compensation Act 1987 No 70. If you are an administrative employee of NSW Police, please see the SIRA claims management guide or consult your Case Manager regarding your benefits.

Workers compensation exists to help you recover from work-related injury by supporting access to and payment of required medical treatments and supporting your income if your capacity to work is negatively impacted by your injury.

Benefits and entitlements change as your situation changes and may be provided by different organisations over the duration of your claim.

Attend a webinar to find out more about your financial benefits

Gain an understanding of your financial benefits and entitlements under the workers compensation and income protection schemes.

The More than a Cop Police Career Transition After Injury Virtual Seminar includes a range of presentations from keynote speakers on the topic of career transition. Join from anywhere, anytime. Partners and support people are welcome too.

The Understanding your Financial Benefits session will explain:

  • Who will be providing these payments as your situation changes
  • Detailed explanation on how your benefits are calculated
  • Support services available to assit you throughout your transition and beyond
  • Lived experience connected to the importance of being financially prepared

For more information please email the Police Transition Team at policetransition@police.nsw.gov.au or call the Career Transition Infoline 1800 014 140

Benefits and entitlements scenarios

The following information outlines the benefits paid under different scenarios and how to ensure you receive your entitlements as seamlessly as possible.

Workers compensation entitlements while employed by NSWPF

While you are employed by NSWPF, you are paid by NSWPF as normal and workers compensation benefits you receive are reimbursed to NSWPF by EML.

Workers compensation entitlements after medical retirement from NSWPF

Following confirmation of your medical retirement date and cessation of your employment by NSWPF your weekly benefits will be paid to you fortnightly by EML.

Completing and returning the below forms to your case manager will assist in making this change easier.

Please complete and return these forms to your case manager: 

The amount that you will be paid following medical retirement will depend on the value and length of payments made to you prior to your medical retirement.

The information in “Your entitlements” provides general advice on the entitlements that may be available to you depending on your capacity for work.

To obtain an accurate indication of your individual entitlements, please speak to your Case Manager.

Secure your financial future

Prepare your finances for life after medical retirement, including budgeting and superannuation.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission's MoneySmart service helps people make the most of their money. The site offers a range of useful tools and resources including: 

There are numerous free and paid apps available to help manage your finances, understand where your money is going and manage savings goals. You can search for these and download from both the App store or Google Play.

For Police Officers who are still employed by NSWPF or had your last day of service less than 12 months ago, you can benefit from Converge Employee Assistance Program.

Their Money Assist service can help you work through your financial wellbeing concerns. Phone 1300 667 197 or visit their website for more information. 


Superannuation is not payable while an employee is on workers compensation. If you wish to continue contributions to your fund this will have to be arranged independently between you and your superannuation provider.