Job-ready: The employer perspective

Former officers have many skills and characteristics that are highly valued by employers and recruiters. For many officers, it’s just a matter of recognising those skills in themselves and understanding how to represent themselves during the recruitment stages.

Find out what employers see in former police officers in this video featuring Gary Merryweather, NSW Police Legacy; Sean Haran, Beyond the Badge; and Shawn Taylor, Career Management Services.

What's in the video?


What are the greatest strengths officers take into new roles?

02:18 Are an officer's skills transferrable?
03:36  Are there specific values that employers appreciate in a former officer?
04:29 What is the biggest challenge for a former officer securing new work?
05:29 Do employers ever express concern about taking on former cops who have injuries?
06:03 What do you say to an employer about hiring a former officer?
07:03 What kind of jobs do you see officers transition into?
07:57 What do you have to say to anyone out there saying "I've always been a cop, what else could I do?"
10:11 Is there help out there for people who want it?