Nominated as a Finalist in the Excellence in Personal Injury and Disability Awards is EML’s Workers Insurance NSW team Workers with Highest Needs. The team works with people who’ve experienced the most sever and long-lasting injuries in workers compensation.

The Workers with Highest Needs (WWHN) team has delivered world class customer service for seriously injured people in NSW through collaboration and excellent communication with stakeholders.

“Working with a supportive leadership team inspires me to do my best. Knowing that each individual seriously injured worker relies on us to help them inspires me to do better each day” WWHN Manager Renee said.

Renee Hudson, Group Manager of Workers with Highest Needs, chosen as a finalist in the Excellence in Injury and Disability Management Awards.


Every decision made by the team is carefully considered, and team members go to great lengths to ensure regular and clear communication.

“Last year at Christmas, we were moved to tears by a card we received. When someone tells you that you’ve saved their life it’s hard not to feel emotional” Renee said.

Team leaders have developed templates and regularly hold internal training and information sessions to share best practice with the business. The WWHN leadership team also invests in their team members through regular coaching and support.

“It is a privilege to lead people. I work to inspire my teams and ensure they know they are valued for what they do” Renee said.

The WWHN team was once a small, specialised team and has now grown to three teams supporting more than 1200 seriously injured workers.

“What I love about this industry is that we have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, and we are trusted to look after our most valued customers” Renee said.

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