To support our customers to access workplace related training, technology or consultancy services, we have negotiated a range of deals with industry leaders through our EML Offers.

This week we are excited to welcome two new providers who provide innovative services designed to support psychologically safe and healthy workplaces: 

A global leader in psychological health and safety, FlourishDx combines technology, consulting and education to support businesses to understand their psychosocial risks and create psychologically healthy and safe work that prevents harm and optimises employee wellbeing.

EML Offer: EML Group customers receive 20% off all FlourishDx platform, consulting and education services.

Anna Feringa Consulting provides expert training, consulting and speaking services on a range of mental health topics to help organisations prevent, promote and respond to psychosocial risk, understand new regulatory obligations and to build proactive Psychosocial Risk Management systems.

EML Offer: EML Group customers receive one hour of complimentary consulting, valued at $350 per hour, for each training product purchased from Anna Feringa Consulting.

EML Offers

These incredible providers join HSE Global, Pro-Com ConsultingKineoLongitude6WeCARE365, Nth⁰Degree and Staunch Technology who currently offer between 10% and 50% off their standard pricing to our customers. 

Find out more and access EML Offers here.

Supporting psychological safety in the workplace

We also provide a range of training, resources and initiatives to support employers to create safer work environments and help injured employees get back to work sooner. Here are just a few opportunities that you can take advantage of in your business today:

Mental health and wellbeing with HSE Global

HSE Global helps organisations to effectively measure and manage employee mental health and wellbeing through technology, focused strategies, and training programs.

As of September 2023, HSE Global has increased the discount available to EML Group customers through EML Offers from 10% to 20%. 

Save 20% off the advertised rate of:

 HSE Global's Mental Health Index (MHI). The Mental Health Index (MHI) is a digital solution enabling organisations to measure, benchmark and report on the mental health literacy of their organisation.

 HSE Global's mental health and leadership training. HSE Global has run mental health and leadership training for some of the world's leading organisations. Their wellbeing programs are designed to build both individual and group capability.

Managing Psychosocial Risk

Through the Mutual Benefits Program, customers receive free access to a range of easily accessible, engaging and topical workplace risk courses through EMlearning.

Psychosocial wellbeing in the workplace remains a key focus for employers in 2023. Our new course, Managing Psychosocial Risks, is now available for employers to learn more about best practise in this area.

Occupational violence and aggression (OVA) is one of the leading causes of trauma in the workplace.

In addition to our free online OVA resources we also provide OVA training through EMlearning for our customers. 

Employers can also access a variety of mental health related topics such as Managing Mental Health Risks at Work, Managing Psychological Conditions in the Workplace and Bullying & Harassment.

'CheckInn' and support the wellbeing of hospitality workers

In the wake of the industry wide impact made by Covid-19 restrictions, we partnered with the AHA SA to support hospitality workers and employers develop wellbeing skills. Listen to the engaging podcast series or download the information sheets today.

Find out more and access resources here.

Mental health resources collection

Mental health is in the top five of all injuries the EML Group manages and we have invested heavily in prevention, mitigation and rehabilitation to help people get their lives back.

Access the resources in our free mental health collection.

Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA)

The EML Group is committed to supporting our customers to address the worrying and complex issue of violence in the workplace.

Customers can visit our OVA resources collection to access research, tools and resources to support them prepare for and manage aggressive behaviour in their workplace.

WHS posters to click, pick and print

Access our free range of posters on a variety of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) topics to help improve health, safety and return to work outcomes in Australian workplaces. You can even make these posters your own by adding your logo to one of our cobranded poster options.

Our new poster on psychosocial awareness will encourage a positive approach to mental wellbeing in the workplace.

More information

In addition to receiving excellence in personal injury management claims services, our customers also receive free access to employer training opportunities, workplace health and safety resources, online management tools, and exceptional offers through the Mutual Benefits Program

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