HSE Global has run safety leadership workshops and mental health training for some of the worlds leading organisations, the experiential learning experience uses adult based learning principles and can be completed either onsite, online or blended workshops.  Our safety leadership and wellbeing programs are designed to build individual and group capability.  

HSE Global is the largest Mental Health First Aid provider to private organisations in Australia and New Zealand. The benefits of our training include:

  • leaders are challenged to consider what is their organisations culture and how to best improve
  • each participant comes away with actions plans to be applied purposefully back on the job
  • new skills and tools that centre on high performance WHS leadership, trust and demonstrating care.
  • workshops and training programs can be customized for your organization
  • workshops are run by experts who have been involved in operational execution.


Contact: eml@hseglobal.com.au

EML customers receive 10% off advertised rate on:

Accredited Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid Accreditation including:

  1. Face-to-face: 2-day facilitated program (up to 20 participants)
  2. Blended: 5-7 hours online learning and half a day face-to-face facilitated program (6-12 participants)
  3. Online: 4-6 weeks online learning and 2x 2.5hr online facilitated program (6-12 participants).

Mental Health and Wellbeing Programs

CARE Program (Mental Health Awareness)

  1. Face-to-face: 1 day (up to 20 participants)
  2. Online: 4hrs (6-12 participants)

Mental Fitness for Leaders

  1. Online: 1.5hrs (6-12 participants)

Mental Fitness for Teams

  1. Online: 1.5hrs

Safety Leadership

Safety Leadership Training

  1. Custom programs that can be tailored from a half day up to a 2 day program
  2. All programs can be delivered either face-to-face or online.

Note: combined leadership and wellbeing programs can be delivered. 

Terms and conditions

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