Our 21 Mobile Case Managers (MCMs) offer a unique and valuable service in the NSW workers compensation scheme. We take pride in their excellent reputation and proven track record of delivering exceptional recovery and return-to-work outcomes, and improving the customer experience.

Recent worker, employer, and treating doctor surveys show a 96% satisfaction rate for this service. 

Our MCMs are equipped to provide personalised face-to-face support to workers, employers, and doctors. They work in collaboration with your regular case manager and may be temporarily engaged on a claim to attend face-to-face meetings and appointments when there are barriers to recovery or return to work. Our MCMs can provide immediate approvals for treatment requests to expedite access to treatment and interventions.


MCMs help to establish trust between all parties working on the claim through their personalised approach. By working closely with everyone involved, they can help all parties understand the workers compensation process more clearly and confirm the next steps for the claim.

Our MCMs deliver a range of benefits. They can:

  • Make on-the-spot treatment and investigation approvals during appointments
  • Reduce other typical claim delays by obtaining documentation directly
  • Leverage their established relationships with treatment providers and specialists in their geographical area to expedite workers’ access to treatment
  • Identify when the expertise of a workplace rehabilitation provider is needed and will request specific services from them
  • Provide recommendations to support agreed claim outcomes
  • Distribute agendas and summaries of appointments to keep all parties informed and up-to-date.

This service was piloted and funded by the Mutual Benefits Program from January 2021 to December 2022 and continues to be supported with funding from the program. 

If you would like to know more or feel the services of a NSW based MCM would be of benefit to you or your workers, please contact your EML Case Manager for more information.

Areas we service



“Mark was very honest and very helpful in guidance and made it easy to understand the procedure. Throughout the whole process I felt very comfortable and at ease with his understanding of my situation.”

“Having Taryn at my surgical appointment helped to approve my surgery very quickly, allowing me to have the surgery within a few days. This definitely helped shorten my recovery time.”

“Dee has been amazing throughout, from the moment I first met her, to the regular visits with me to my doctor, and for visiting my employment to determine needs for my injury recovery moving forward. The feedback from my medical providers is that they were impressed with the follow up and treatment availability authorised by Dee, to get me back to pre-injury status.”


"Kirstie assisted in separating the work related and non-work-related issues."

"Josh was quick to respond, understood why we needed a mobile case manager in this instance and provided clear communication.“

"They resolved communication issues between parties and focused the process back on RTW.“

"Karen’s experience and knowledge influenced the claim situation and promoted a quicker RTW."

Treating Doctors

"It would be great to have an MCM with all my WC cases – it makes care of patient more efficient and effective and motivates the patient when they feel supported.“

"Mark was a very valuable member to this care team. It was great having him involved, he ensured clear communication between employee, patient, myself and the physiotherapist.“

"Having Kirstie in person presentation for consultations have been really helpful for managing and planning cases.“

"Karen was clearly well organised and prepared for each case conference and was very enthusiastic to patient's circumstances. She was also very up to date with Interpreter / Rehab Provider / Physiotherapist all well organised beforehand."


Supporting employers and workers

Mobile Case Manager Demmi T (centre) with Bret and his supervisor, Ian, at a workplace meeting at Johnson Bros Mitre 10.

Mobile Case Manager Mark B (right) with Philip at an appointment with his doctor, Dr Iboyan.