Take a moment to discover new ways to support the mental wellbeing of your people.

Everyday is a good day to check in with your workmates and ask RUOK? but it can be daunting to start the conversation. You may be worried it’s not your place or that you don’t know how to properly support someone who may be struggling with their mental health.

As part of RUOK? Day, we are proud to announce that we have extended our agreement with WeCare365 so that all our customers and their employees will continue to have free and exclusive access to the online course How to Help a Teammate in Distress through EMlearning for an additional 12 months.

Also, through our EML Offers, our customers can access 50% discount on Why Mental Health is your No1 Challenge in 2022; an engaging webinar on how to build a mentally well workforce by Graeme Cowan, co-founder of WeCare365 and Board Director of RUOK?

'Mental ill-health affects all Australians either directly or indirectly. Almost one in five Australians has experienced mental illness in a given year.' Productivity Commission - inquiry into mental health

Take steps to create a positive work environment and safeguard the wellbeing of your people through our easily accessible training, tools and support resources made available through EML's Mutual Benefits Program. Find out more below:

Free and exclusive online mental health related training 

EMlearning is our online training platform with a range of free courses available for EML customers and their employees. Help reduce the risk of psychological injury by enrolling your employees in one of our mental health related workplace training courses such as Managing Psychological Conditions in the Workplace or How to Help a Teammate in Distress.

Access extended! 

Begin your journey to improving mental health in your business by registering your workers for How to Help a Teammate by WeCare365 which we have extended for another 12 months!

This short, online and easily accessible program has been designed to train employees and leaders to identify and provide support to teammates who may be experiencing mental distress. 

New resource now available to help engage your employees!

Access our new step by step campaign guide to help ensure your people get the most out of How to Help a Teammate in Distress.

Support the wellbeing of your workers through our EML Offers

New mental health webinar developed by FactorC

Through our EML Offers, our customers can save 50% on the 45min webinar Why Mental Health is your No1 Challenge in 2022 presented by FactorC’s Graeme Cowan, Team Care and Resilience Speaker which is valued at $5,900.

Measure and manage employee mental health through technology and training

Through EML Offers, EML customers can save up to 10% off the advertised rate of:

HSE Global's Mental Health Index (MHI) - a digital solution enabling organisations to measure, benchmark and report on the mental health literacy of their organisation.

HSE Global's s mental health and leadership trainingHSE Global has run mental health and leadership training for some of the world's leading organisations. Their wellbeing programs are designed to build both individual and group capability.

Access programs available through our partnerships

Sign up to Mind Your Head to improve mental health practices in your workplace

Mind Your Head is a collaboration between the ACTU and EML, supported by WorkSafe’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund and encourages action in workplaces to address mental health hazards – just like we would take action on a slip hazard. Sign up to get exclusive access to tried and tested tools and resources to help improve their workplace’s mental health systems and practices.

Support the wellbeing of your hospitality workers

In the wake of the industry wide impact made by Covid-19 restrictions, EML partnered with the AHA SA to support hospitality workers and employers develop wellbeing skills. Listen to the engaging podcast series or download the information sheets today.

Mental health resources available online at anytime

Mental health collection

Mental health is in the top five of all injuries EML manages and we have invested heavily in prevention, mitigation and rehabilitation to help people get their lives back.

Access the resources in our free mental health collection.

Access our videos for presentations on how to improve mental health through diet and exercise

Improve your mental health through exercise

Lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise can be used to improve symptoms of poor mental health.

To help reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and a mental health condition, Mental Health Dietitian Scott Teasdale has offered some insights and tips in a series of ten videos provided by EML.

Play now.

Diet and mental health
In association with UNSW and Black Dog Institute, EML has created a series of six videos with one of Australia’s leading mental health and exercise researchers, Dr Simon Rosenbaum, to promote the positive impact of exercise on mental health.

Play now.

Prepare for and manage occupational violence and aggression in your workplace

Visit our Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA) collection to access research, tools and resources to support them prepare for and manage aggressive behaviour in their workplace.

Visit the OVA collection

Download our OVA WHS retail poster

EML customers can also access one of our Preparing for and Managing OVA courses through EMlearning. 

(Mis)behave with Dave

Reduce the risk of absenteeism, anxiety and depression with a positive workplace environment. EML's six part video series will help show you how.

Watch the series today.

Creating safer workplaces

We have invested heavily in prevention, mitigation and rehabilitation services to help people get their lives back. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to your account manager or our customer service if you require more support.