Our new Workers Compensation Essentials courses for New South Wales, South Australian and Victorian employers have now been released.

These courses are available free and exclusively to EML customers through EMlearning and have been created by industry experts to provide return to work coordinators, injury managers and people leaders with a thorough overview of workers compensation legislation in NSW, SA and VIC and guidance on how to provide outstanding support to injured workers to help them recover and return to work.

The topics covered include:

  • the workers compensation scheme
  • premiums
  • injury notifications
  • lodging claims
  • liability
  • weekly benefits
  • return to work
  • treatment and rehabilitation.

Please note: the NSW course has been developed for Return to Work Coordinators, Workers Compensation Managers and any others that are involved in managing workers compensation claims under the icare Nominal Insurers scheme.

Support your injury prevention and return to work strategies 

Take a look through our Catalogue to see our collection of exclusive training modules, made available to customers through our Mutual Benefits Program to support your risk reduction, compliance and employee engagement goals.

We have over 37 key training topics available per employee including manual tasks, bullying and harassment, WHS, and injury management. 

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Supporting the employee training goals of our customers

As a customer of EML, your employees can take advantage of our courses in one of two ways:

Learning through the EMlearning platform

Your employees can simply access courses directly through EMlearning. The process is:

  1. Create accounts for your employees
  2. Assign training to your employees
  3. Track and report on training progress

Please note, if you have over 25 employees to register or assign to a course you can save time by contacting Mutual Benefits to organise a bulk upload.


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If you already have a learning management system (LMS) for employees in your organisation, you have the option of accessing our free courses through your own LMS. Contact Mutual Benefits to find out how.

EMlearning news

Support mental health in your workplace with this course

The online course How to Help a Teammate in Distress is a key component of the award winning WeCARE program which helps employees, leaders and employers to identify teammates who may be experiencing mental distress and learn how to provide support in the workplace.

For a limited time, EML customers can access this course for FREE through EMlearning. 

Preventing and managing occupational violence and aggression in the workplace

New online training is now available to support our customers prepare for and manage the challenging issue of occupational violence and aggression (OVA) in the workplace.

We have developed specific modules for industries who are experiencing an increase in OVA at present, such as aged care, health care and retail.

Visit our OVA resources collection for helpful tools, information and updates. 

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