Mental wellbeing in the workplace 

Workplace culture can have a huge impact on the mental health and wellbeing of employees.

Around 20% of employees will experience a mental health issue, and this can have an enormous impact on their professional and personal life.

A positive work environment can reduce the incidence of absenteeism, stress and anxiety. This six-part video series, (Mis)behave with Dave, highlights what employers can do to reduce the risk of mental injury among employees.


Preventing mental injuries

Comedian Dave O’Neil and organisational psychologist Dr Peter Cotton use humour to highlight with issues such as work overload, bullying and incivility in the workplace.

The videos bring difficult topics to the surface to get the conversation started about mental health. You’ll see how to identify problems early and how to handle them in a positive way. There’s a checklist for each topic to help you make practical changes in your own workplace.

Our customers come first

Through our Mutual Benefits Program with invest in safety and wellness initiatives like (Mis)behave with Dave.

We wanted to develop some engaging, practical tools to help identify and prevent mental injury in the workplace. Helping workers and employers reduce the risk of mental injury is an important step in making a difference in people's lives.

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