Staunch Technology's JobFit System is an online platform that enables employers to quickly and easily compare a worker’s physical and psychosocial capabilities to their job demands and risk manage the gap in between.

JobFit System is a complete pre-hire to retire solution that supports organisations with:

  • Manual handling risk reduction
  • Return to work planning
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Health & wellbeing strategy

Using the JobFit System, Staunch Technology can support employers to implement risk reduction projects addressing both psychosocial and physical drivers of musculoskeletal injury.

Key features of the JobFit System include

  • Online interactive job dictionary, identifying physical and psychosocial components of each job
  • Job matching functionality, ensuring workers have the capacity to perform the requirements of each task, ensuring safe job placement and abilty to identify suitable duties
  • Automated workplace risk assessments
  • Pinpoint areas where you can make change to focus ergonomic initiatives
  • Reporting on effect of workplace controls and return to work progress
  • On demand Position Description reports for health providers with risks and images.
  • Live worker risk profile for any job


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  Rapid & Durable Return to Work Bundle Musculoskeletal Risk Reduction Bundle JobFit System Subscription
Who is it for: Employers who need to reduce time lost claims Employers who must comply with the Code of Practice Employers who want to manage risk pre-hire to retire
What’s included:
  • Identify top 3 problem jobs
  • Job Task Analysis for the top 3 jobs
  • Use the JobFit System for Rapid Return to Work
  • Project review
  • Review injury data
  • Psychosocial risk survey of up to 50 workers
  • Physical risk analysis for up to 10 tasks
  • Control options workshop and review
  • Online job task library management
  • Interactive jobfitting for SDP
  • Automated Musculoskeletal risk profile
  • Unlimited jobs, tasks or worker reports
Duration of project (approximate) Up to 3 months Up to 3 months 12 months
EML Offers saving: 18% discount 22% discount 20% discount

Key benefits

Using the JobFit System, Staunch Technology helps organisations to:

  1. Reduce musculoskeletal injuries through manual task risk reduction
  2. Reduce workers compensation claims costs through rapid and durable Return to Work Planning with powerful job-matching functionalities
  3. Meet manual task risk management compliance requirements
  4. Save valuble admin time and effort with easy to use tools and reporting, and
  5. Reduce administrative burden and inefficiencies associated with traditional, paper based job dictionaries and achieve with the in-built job-matching functionality of the JobFit System.

Terms and conditions

Customers must be a current EML Group customer and provide their policy number or employer registration number.

If you are already an existing Staunch Technology customer, please contact Staunch Technology to discuss an alternative offer.

Please visit our EML Offers Terms and Conditions page for full details.

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