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EMsafe is a free online Work Health and Safety management system designed to help our members get on the right track towards improving workplace safety and meeting legislative requirements.

Through its user friendly interface and online accessibility EMsafe can help organisations to: 

  • Establish and maintain a successful Work Health and Safety (WHS) management system
  • Store important information in one location, making document management easier
  • Identify problems or areas to improve within their WHS program
  • Track progress with WHS requirements
  • Access health and safety data 24/7, via the web
  • Complete tasks on the go with the EMsafe app

EMsafe provides a range of tools and templates:

  • Weekly step-by-step email reminders
  • A centralised location to store and share important WHS information
  • Ability to create additional user accounts, and tailor the level of individual user access
  • Policy and procedural templates that can be customised to suit the organisations needs
  • A calendar featuring task reminders and To Do actions, helping organisations to stay up to date with WHS tasks
  • A risk rating function to monitor safety improvements and risk reduction
  • References to important WHS legislation
  • Optional EMhealth integration, enabling organisations to centralise WHS and Health & Wellbeing program management

Getting started:

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Contact our Member Benefits Team:

NSW: 02 8251 9016

South Australia: 08 8127 1400

EMsafe is a free online tool for members available through EML Member Benefits.

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