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Three workers compensation mutual companies were formed by employer groups:

1910 - Master Baker’s Mutual Indemnity Association Ltd

1912 - Plumbers’ Mutual Indemnity Association Ltd

1914 - Master Carriers’ Mutual Indemnity Association Ltd



1926: The three associations merged to become Employers’ Mutual Indemnity Association Ltd.



1932: EML issued a public announcement stating it “is still thriving, despite the depression and is paying its policyholders the usual substantial bonus refund”.


1940s – 70s

Through wartimes and industry growth, EML continued to provide workers compensation and deliver large rebates to policyholders.



1987: The underwriting of NSW workers compensation shifted to WorkCover NSW (now icare Workers Insurance) and EML was awarded a license to manage these claims.



Throughout the ‘90s, EML continued to manage claims for icare.

1995: EML was a company of 35 employees managing a premium of $29 million.



EML entered a new phase of growth, geographic expansion and specialist scheme development.

2003: EML was appointed manager of the Coal Mines Insurance Industry Scheme and commenced public liability for association schemes.

2005: EML was appointed manager of the NSW Treasury Managed Fund (now icare TMF) for government employees.

2006: EML was appointed sole agent for WorkCover South Australia (now ReturnToWorkSA)

2008: EML partners with Australian Hotels Association (NSW) to establish Hotel Employers Mutual (HEM) for the provision of underwritten workers compensation to the hotel industry in NSW.



2010: EML celebrated its centenary with over 1000 employees

2011: icare TMF expanded EML’s share of the scheme from 18% to 32%.

2012: EML joined forces with Clubs NSW to establish Club Employers Mutual (CEM). Now providing underwritten workers compensation to the three largest sectors of the NSW hospitality industry, Hospitality Employers Mutual supports over 1200 venues across NSW.

ReturnToWorkSA extends EML’s contract, now managing50% of their scheme

2013:  Awarded national contract to manage claims for Woolworths Limited under a self-insurance scheme, supporting over 220,000 employees nationally.

2015: Launches mobile case management in South Australia – an industry first.

2016: EML awards contract to become a part of the WorkSafe Victoria agent panel, commencing 1 July 2016.


Launches EM Life – a specialist life insurance claims management services service, commencing 1 July 2016.


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