Increased employee confidence, retention and productivity are just some of the many benefits to a mentally healthy work culture however, it is important to remember that as an employer you are obligated by law to provide a healthy and safe workplace. 

The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 defines 'health' as both 'physical and psychological' so if you are an employer, you are responsible for recognising and managing risks in the workplace that may lead to either physical or psychological injury

New requirements 

In 2019 the model WHS Act and Regulations were independently reviewed. From this review SafeWork Australia published updated WHS Regulations in June 2022.

In NSW, these amendments to the model WHS Regulations were then passed on 19 September 2022 and will come into effect from 1 October 2022.

What are the main changes to the regulations that impact your organisation?

The  SafeWork NSW mental health page contains full details of the new requirements, which clarify PCBUs' obligations to manage risks to worker health and safety (particularly with regards to their psychological health) and advice regarding managing psychosocial risks.

Other areas of Australia are also looking at implementing these new regulations to better manage workplace psychological hazards and prevent injuries. The Victorian Government and WorkSafe Victoria are currently considering stakeholder feedback regarding a proposed change to create Victoria’s first psychological health regulations.

Reduce the risk of psychological injury in your business

With mental illness being one of the more common workplace injuries EML manages, we have invested heavily in initiatives to prevent and manage the risk and impact of psychological injuries.

Reduce the risk of psychosocial hazards in your workplace by taking steps to create a positive work environment and safeguard the wellbeing of your people through our easily accessible training, tools and support resources made available through Employers Mutual Limited's Mutual Benefits Program


EMlearning is our online training platform with a range of free courses available for EML customers and their employees.

We provide a variety of mental health related topics such as Managing Mental Health Risks at Work, Managing Psychological Conditions in the Workplace and Bullying & Harassment. You can access the full catalogue here.

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We also offer an extensive range of face-to-face and virtual training courses facilitated by an industry expert designed to increase understanding of workers compensation legislation, minimise health and safety risks and support outstanding return to work outcomes.

EML Offers

Through our EML Offers, our customers can access 50% discount on Why Mental Health is your No1 Challenge in 2022; an engaging webinar on how to build a mentally well workforce by Graeme Cowan, co-founder of WeCare365 and Board Director of RUOK?

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We have a variety of articles, tools and videos available freely available through our website including:

  • (Mis)behave with Dave: Reduce the risk of absenteeism, anxiety and depression with a positive workplace environment. EML's six part video series will help show you how. 
  • Occupational Violence and Aggression collection: access research, tools and resources to support them prepare for and manage aggressive behaviour in their workplace. EML customers can also access one of our Preparing for and Managing OVA courses through EMlearning. 
  • Hospitality industry support: EML partnered with the AHA SA to support hospitality workers and employers develop wellbeing skills. Listen to the engaging podcast series or download the information sheets today.
  • Access Mind Your Head a collaboration between the ACTU, EML and WorkSafe VIC's WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund that encourages action in workplaces to address mental health hazards. 

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