Occupational violence and aggression (OVA) continues to be a significant risk faced by many Australian workplaces, particularly in the retail sector. 

SafeWork SA have announced that on 4 July 2022, they will commence auditing South Australian retail employers (both in metropolitan and regional areas) to ensure that retail businesses have appropriate policies, procedures, relevant training, suitable control measures in place to protect workers and actively address the risk of violence and aggression in the workplace

Work-related violence can cause both physical and psychological harm to workers, and result in significant economic and social costs to them, their family, the business where they work and the wider community. SafeWork SA

Supporting employers address OVA in the workplace

We encourage our customers to act now to help safeguard the wellbeing of their employees. Through our Mutual Benefits Program, we have invested in resources to help employers to create safer workplaces by preparing for and managing this complex issue. These resources are freely available for EML customers to utilise in their workplaces:

Free OVA training courses available to EML customers through EMlearning

These online and interactive courses have been designed to support our customers (particularly those in key industries such as retail, aged care and health care) who are currently facing an increased level of OVA incidents. Employers can offer the e-learning modules to all of their employees via their own learning management systems or the EMlearning platform. 

WHS posters relating to OVA

In our WHS Poster Library you can find a selection of 'front of house' posters, designed to remind visitors to your workplace that employees are there to help them and keep them safe. They also contain a QR code leading viewers to more information about OVA and how damaging aggressive behaviour can be to employees. We have included a template which allows you to co-brand the poster with your business logo. 

We have also a retail specific OVA poster which we made available to specifically support retail businesses. 

OVA research and articles 

Visit our OVA collection to access our research, helpful links and latest news articles to keep up to date on this complex issue in your workplace. You may find our article regarding supporting hospitality workers, our mental health collection or our PTSD resources particularly useful. 

We also have FactorC's How to Help a Teammate in Distress online course available through EMlearning, if you would like to provide your employees with training in how to identify and provide support to teammates who may be experiencing mental distress. Find out more and access the course through our EMlearning page

More information

For more support or information please contact your Account Manager, email us at mutualbenefits@eml.com.au and our South Australian customers can also contact SafeWork SA.