Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) refers to long term psychological impact from negative often traumatic experiences. Some people may suffer from PTSD as the result of a workplace injury, whilst others may have an exacerbation of PTSD whilst at work.

According to Phoenix Australia, PTSD is the most common mental health disorder after depression* and as part of this year's PTSD Awareness Day we are highlighting some of the best resources we have offer to help employers to create safer workplaces and support the recovery of workers experiencing PTSD.

PTSD Resources

Recovery after trauma guides

We have a range of recovery after trauma guides developed with Phoenix Australia that provide information for workers at a time when they need it most. These guides have been developed specifically for paramedics, firefighters, police and health professionals.

We are also proud to make available updated Expert Guidelines, launched in March 2024, to aid the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD for emergency service workers. The guidelines aim to provide treating practitioners, therapeutic providers, and workers compensation groups with updated procedures for best practice when diagnosing or treating emergency services workers with PTSD. The new guidelines provide emergency services workers with PTSD, their families, and carers with a clearer pathway to access specific and required support.

PTSD in Emergency Services

We have a specific area of our website dedicated to helping to protect emergency service workers from the impacts of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and psychological injuries.

Our range of videos, guides, and articles have been developed through collaborations with organisations such as NSW Fire and Rescue, the Black Dog Institute and Phoenix Australia.

PTSD Guidelines for Clinicians

EML partnered with nine of Australia’s leading PTSD experts to deliver Expert Guidelines: Diagnosis and Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Emergency Service Workers, a set of evidence-based guidelines on how PTSD should be diagnosed and treated amongst first responders.

NSW Support Services

We’ve recently updated our helpful support guides which provide contact details for a range of services (both online and in local communities) to support workers and their families. 

Mental Health and Exercise Videos

Moving your body through exercise has shown to positively impact emotions. You can read more on this topic and watch six helpful videos here.

Supporting mental health and wellbeing

Managing Psychosocial Risk

Through the Mutual Benefits Program, customers receive free access to a range of easily accessible, engaging and topical workplace risk courses through EMlearning.

Psychosocial wellbeing in the workplace remains a key focus for employers in 2024. Our new course, Managing Psychosocial Risks, is now available for employers to learn more about best practise in this area.

Occupational violence and aggression (OVA) is one of the leading causes of trauma in the workplace.

In addition to our free online OVA resources we also provide EML Group customers with access to OVA training through EMlearning and a new OVA Health Check tool crafted to evaluate the risk level of occupational violence and aggression within a workplace. 

Employers can also access a variety self-paced e-Learning topics on mental health related topics such as Managing Mental Health Risks at Work, Managing Psychological Conditions in the Workplace and Bullying & Harassment.

'CheckInn' and support the wellbeing of hospitality workers

In the wake of the industry wide impact made by Covid-19 restrictions, EML partnered with the AHA SA to support hospitality workers and employers develop wellbeing skills. Listen to the engaging podcast series or download the information sheets today.

Find out more and access resources here.

EML Offers on Mental Wellbeing

EML Offers gives employers the ability to access services to help effectively measure and manage their employee’s mental health and wellbeing through technology, consulting, education and training programs.

Through EML Offers, customers can save up to 20% off the advertised rate of:

Mental health resources collection

Mental health is in the top five of all injuries EML manages and we have invested heavily in prevention, mitigation and rehabilitation to help people get their lives back.

Access the resources in our free mental health collection.

Psychological Safety in the workplace

Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA)

EML is committed to supporting our customers to address the worrying and complex issue of violence in the workplace.

Customers can visit our OVA resources collection to access research, tools and resources to support them prepare for and manage aggressive behaviour in their workplace.

Check out our new OVA Health Check tool, free for EML Group Customers, which has been  crafted to help evaluate the risk level of occupational violence and aggression within a workplace.

WHS posters to click, pick and print

Access our free range of posters on a variety of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) topics to help improve health, safety and return to work outcomes in Australian workplaces. You can even make these posters your own by adding your logo to one of our cobranded poster options.

Our new poster on psychosocial awareness will encourage a positive approach to mental wellbeing in the workplace.

More information

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To find out more about the work we have done with Phoenix Australia, visit our community and partnerships page here

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the most common mental health condition in Australia after depression, but it’s often left undiagnosed and untreated. Visit Phoenix Australia and learn more about PSTD Awareness Day 2024.