November 29, 2018

These NSW support services can help you, your family and support network access additional supports to help you get your life back after workplace injury.

A range of services are available online and in your local community to supplement the support you are receiving through your workers compensation*.

These fact sheets can assist you to locate additional services which could help you in your recovery.

Many of these services are free or low cost. The important thing is to find the right support that works for you.

If you need immediate crisis assistance, dial 000.

Support services fact sheets

Supporting people and facilitating access to relevant services for injured workers as early as possible is an important part of helping people get their lives back.

“The challenge for insurers like EML is not only to manage claims, but to innovate in ways which allow us to provide better care for those whose lives we’re trying to help rebuild. It’s an area in which we’re forging a reputation as a leader” said Bill O’Reilly, EML Chairman.

Through our Member Benefits we’re funding pioneering research and investment in good claims management.

*Please note that these supports or services are not provided or compensable under your workers compensation claim. These are additional and alternative options that you and your support network may be able to access in the community, online and through the government. Please contact the organisation directly to confirm any specific eligibility criteria, what services they offer and what their process is.

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