As Covid-19 case numbers surge and businesses are increasingly under pressure to manage through the ever changing 'new normal', we'd like to share with you some of the resources available through the Mutual Benefits Program to help you and your people during these challenging times.

Supporting mental health and wellbeing at work

As we head into 2022 there are many benefits to be had by taking the time to improve workplace safety and culture. By creating a positive workplace culture, employers can benefit from improved staff retention and return to work rates, increased employee morale and greater work efficiency - not to mention saving costs through reduced workers compensation claims and increased productivity. ​​​​​​​

Consider one of our range of training, tools and resources to help safeguard the mental wellbeing of your people and reduce the risk of psychological injury.

Learn how to help a teammate in distress

As Covid-19 continues to impact businesses across Australia, now is a good time for all managers and staff to take the time to safeguard their mental health and those of their co-workers. 

Free for a limited time for EML customers through EMlearning, the new e-learning course how to help a teammate in distress is designed to train employees and leaders to identify and provide support to teammates who may be experiencing mental distress.

Find out more and access the course through our EMlearning page

Sign up to Mind Your Head to improve mental health practices

Mind Your Head is a collaboration between the ACTU and EML, supported by WorkSafe’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund and encourages action in workplaces to address mental health hazards – just like we would take action on a slip hazard.

By signing up to Mind Your Head, employers will get exclusive access to tried and tested tools and resources to help improve their workplace’s mental health systems and practices.

Find out more or sign up today.

CheckInn and support the wellbeing of your hospitality workers

In the wake of the industry wide impact made by Covid-19 restrictions, EML partnered with the AHA SA to support hospitality workers and employers develop wellbeing skills. Listen to the engaging podcast series or download the information sheets today.

Find out more and access resources here.

Access exceptional deals on mental health training and technology

HSE Global helps organisations to effectively measure and manage employee mental health and wellbeing through technology, focused strategies, and training programs. 

Through EML Offers, EML customers can save up to 10% off the advertised rate of: 

HSE Global's Mental Health Index (MHI) 

The Mental Health Index (MHI) is a digital solution enabling organisations to measure, benchmark and report on the mental health literacy of their organisation. 

HSE Global's s mental health and leadership training 

HSE Global has run mental health and leadership training for some of the world's leading organisations. Their wellbeing programs are designed to build both individual and group capability.

Find out more and access EML Offers here.

Access our online resources to help understand and prevent mental injury

Mental health is in the top five of all injuries EML manages and we have invested heavily in prevention, mitigation and rehabilitation to help people get their lives back.

Access the resources in our free mental health collection.

Learn from industry experts through our videos

Improve your mental health through exercise

Lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise can be used to improve symptoms of poor mental health.

To help reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and a mental health condition, Mental Health Dietitian Scott Teasdale has offered some insights and tips in a series of ten videos provided by EML.

Play now.

Diet and mental health
In association with UNSW and Black Dog Institute, EML has created a series of six videos with one of Australia’s leading mental health and exercise researchers, Dr Simon Rosenbaum, to promote the positive impact of exercise on mental health.

Play now.

Reducing risks and improving workplace safety 

With new staff or employees returning after a time away from the workplace, now is a good time to assess your workplace safety processes and ensure employees are aware of their roles and responsibilities. 

Preparing for and managing aggressive customer behaviour

EML is committed to supporting our customers to address the worrying and complex issue of violence in the workplace. As staff continue to manage Covid-19 compliance, now is a good time to take steps to prepare for unacceptable customer behaviour.

Customers can visit our Occupational Violence and Aggression collection to access research, tools and resources to support them prepare for and manage aggressive behaviour in their workplace.

Visit the OVA collection

Download our OVA WHS retail poster

Download WHS posters for your workplace

Refresh your workplace with our new health and safety posters on topics such as:

  1. manual handling
  2. workplace bullying
  3. staying active at work
  4. safer workplace set up
  5. managing minor injuries
  6. slips, trips and falls.

Each brightly coloured poster can be co-branded with your logo and contains a QR code that links to relevant online resources.

Access the WHS poster library here

Managing Covid-19 business risks

In partnership with Mercer Marsh Benefits, we have provided a range of helpful tools and resources to assist employers in managing business risks associated with Covid-19. 

Discover the New Normal today.

Reduce the risk of injury through EML Offers

Through EML Offers, EML customers can save 20% off the standard project fees for the Delta Method Analysis Program from Longitude6.

Reduce risks before accidents have a chance to occur with this world-leading motion capture and wearable technology combined with Longitude6’s expertise.

Find out more.

Free online courses available through EMlearning

Our full range of online courses on EMlearning are available for all EML customers to add to their workplace learning program for no charge. Courses include: 

EMlearning - COVID-19 Coronavirus prevention

This course has been developed to provide learners with an understanding of what the COVID-19 Coronavirus is, some of the common myths surrounding the pathogen and what you can do to help reduce the risk of infection.

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Access courses here

EMlearning - COVID-19 safe workplace

This course is designed for workers in any industry returning to the workplace after COVID-19 isolation. 

The course content covers: the need for workplace changes, how to keep the workplace hygienic, behaviours that minimise the risk of spreading the coronavirus, and actively caring for your mental health.

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EMlearning - Keeping workers safe when working from home

Whilst working from home can have many benefits for both employers and workers, there are also unique challenges for managers and supervisors to ensure the safety of their workers whilst they are working from home.

This course supports managers and supervisors to ensure the health and safety of workers that are working from home.

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Improving return to work outcomes for injured employees 

EML is committed to supporting better outcomes for injured workers and below you can find a range of training, tools and resources to help employees get back to work, or to stay at work while they recover from work-related injury or illness.

Support injured workers prepare for their first appointment

First appointment videos
Developed with the Black Dog Institute, our first appointment videos help injured workers mentally and physically prepared to start treatment with a psychologist, psychiatrist and exercise physiologist.

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Navigating workers compensation and return to work management

EML's wide range of face-to-face and virtual training options are designed to increase understanding of workers compensation legislation, minimise health and safety risks and support outstanding return to work outcomes.

Some examples of our upcoming courses include:

  1. The role of the Return to Work Coordinator - VIC - February 2022
  2. Psychological claims management - March 2022
  3. Complex case management - return to work planning - March 2022
  4. Advanced return to work coordination - VIC - March 2022

EML customers eligible for free or discounted registration and bookings are now open for our 2022 program.

Find out more and register here.

Return to work training and technology deals

EML customers can access the following exceptional deals through EML Offers:

Access expert return to work guidance and training

25% off standard pricing for 1 to 1 return to work coaching and 25% off  standard fees for tailored and/or onsite injury management and return to work training by Nth Degree Sciences.

Using technology to help support your injury management, rehabilitation and return to work goals 

20% off the software, subscription or license fee for JobFit System - an online interactive database that enables employers to compare a worker’s physical capabilities to their job demands, and instantly learn what the worker can do, can’t do, and how to risk manage the gap in between.

Find out more and access EML Offers here.

We're here to help 

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'Regardless of industry or risk profile, every organisation is impacted by Covid with considerations needed not only for employee safety and wellbeing but also for customers, contractors, visitors and others.' Lauren Christiansen General Manager Partnerships and Distribution EML