Mental health claims can be a challenging experience for employers and can also have broader implications for the workplace.

Our Case Managers are here to guide employers through the process and provide support and education around how to support a worker who has had an injury, and our Mutual Benefits offerings can assist employers to proactively promote mentally healthy workplaces and reduce the risk of psychological injuries.

Management of mental health claims requires an approach of transparency balanced with empathy. This requires our Case Managers to engage in difficult conversations that ultimately help workers, employers and treatment providers to understand the benefits of supporting recovery at work.​​​​​​​

The Mutual Benefits Program has funded a dedicated Mental Health Specialist that provides coaching and support to our Case Managers on their portfolios of mental injury claims. The benefits of this coaching program include:

  • Improvements to early return to work timeframes for primary mental health claims.
  • Concurrent return to work and liability determination processes.
  • Increase in capability and consistency in the management of mental health claims.
  • Ensure workers and employers are connected to appropriate services and resources to assist in supporting recovery and return to work.

External Services

Free Training and Coaching

NSW Government funded training for employers and managers. NSW Businesses with 1 to 200 employees and all not-for-profit organisations can access four hours  of coaching to crea...

Code of Practice: Managing psychosocial hazards at work

You should use this code of practice if you have functions or responsibilities that involve managing, so far as is reasonably practicable, exposure to psychosocial hazards and r...

NSW Government: Mental Health at Work Resource Kit

Recovery at work is about making small workplace adjustments to support your employees to perform their job effectively, as they recover from an injury or illness.

icare Mental Health Claims Hub

The Mental Health Claims Hub helps workers and employers access the information and help they need to understand and support a mental health claim in the workplace.