EML’s Rachael Gordon and Robyn Shepard have been recognised in the Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF) Awards for Excellence in Personal Injury and Disability Management.

Don Ferguson, CEO EML Management said, “It is fantastic to get this public recognition which acknowledges their exceptional work as case managers in helping people get their lives back after workplace illness or injury. A key theme that came through in both of their nominations was the empathetic approach they take to their work every day – considering how the injury has affected the person’s whole life and building trust so they can work with the person to help them recover and ultimately return to work.”

Congratulations to our winners:

​​​​​​​Rachael Gordon: Excellence in Customer Service Award

For Rachael, being an effective case manager means more than just doing her job. Rachael takes an empathetic and caring approach to her work in supporting long term injured workers with complex claims.

Rachael says: “I am so grateful and honoured to have been recognised and rewarded for my work as a case manager at EML. This award means the world to me and I am so appreciative of all involved.

Read more about how Rachael builds trust to understand a worker’s individual needs.


Robyn Shepherd: Excellence in Injury & Disability Management (Return to Work/Community) Award

What attributes describe an ideal workers compensation case manager? Being empathetic, proactive, organised, supportive and caring come to mind. Robyn Shepherd displays these attributes every day in supporting injured workers to recover and return to work.

“To be nominated and even being a finalist was an honour alone. Winning is an absolute privilege. Thank you to EML and most importantly thank you to my wonderful leaders for their ongoing support" says Robyn.

Read more about how Robyn’s approach to case management considers the impact of injury on the person’s whole life.


The Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF) is committed to fostering, developing and inspiring talent, by providing quality education and training and professional development programs, events, and initiatives for people working in the personal injury and disability management sectors across Australia. The PIEF Awards began 2008 and are held every two years

Congratulations to all the finalists and award recipients, who together help profile the outstanding achievements of the personal injury and disability management industry.