EML’s police team have been selected as a finalist in the Excellence in Personal Injury and Disability Management Awards for their management of serious injury.

Team Leader Youssef is pleased to represent his team and their combined efforts in collaboration with the employer.

A road-side incident left two Officers seriously injured. Both of the Officers injured in the incident required emergency surgery and in the first days of injury communication on accessing entitlements was predominantly with spouses of the injured. Surgery and ongoing treatments were approved swiftly, and proactive case management helped to avoid further burden on the injured Officers and their families.

Award finalists EML proud to have supported two Officers back to work within three months of serious injury.


One of the injured Officers required a leg amputation and through their personal motivation and support from their family, employer and EML made a remarkable return to work three months later. The other injured Officer achieved the monumental milestone of pre-injury duties within three months.

“The two Officers injured at work were highly motivated to return to work. With support from their spouses, healthcare providers, their employer and case managers, they received the support they needed to make remarkable progress with recovery and return to work in three months” EML Team Leader Youssef said.

A holistic approach to care and support driven by the employer’s wellbeing commitment and EML’s Customer at the Heart approach to case management have meant that the injured Officers’ families have also been supported throughout recovery.

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