Work injury insurance specialists for South Australia

We’re here to help. As an appointed agent for ReturnToWorkSA and specialist provider in work injury insurance, our experienced professionals are here to work with you to effectively manage your premium and claim, and provide the advice and support needed to help recover from injury.

With a team of nearly 50 Mobile Claims Specialists, we provide personalised face to face service and early intervention to help people recover from workplace injury more quickly.


Our Service Commitments


Part of our service commitment is to respond to telephone messages and email enquiries within one business day, and written enquiries within 10 business days or provide a reasonable timeframe for response.

If you believe that we have not met our service commitments, please contact your Mobile Claims Specialist or contact person in the first instance. This will allow them an opportunity to resolve any concerns with you directly.   If you are not satisfied with the outcome, we recommend you contact their team leader or manager as the next escalation point.  If your concerns remain unresolved and you would like to lodge a complaint, our team is available to support you in this process.  Please contact our customer care team on 08 8127 1100 or

Further information about the Complaints process can be found here


phone: 08 8127 1100


We're here to help

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