With over 300 employees in South Australia alone, IKEA Adelaide needed simple and cost-effective WHS training solutions to ensure all employees receive the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe in the workplace.

“We used EMlearning’s Bullying & Harassment courses to refresh our existing training program,” said IKEA Adelaide WHS and RTW Coordinator Mardi Peal.

“Feedback from employees has been very positive. They love how interactive the courses are and enjoy the flexibility of completing the online training in their own time. The online platform has delivered great learning outcomes for our employees. Based on this feedback, we will continue to roll out more EMlearning courses.”

Savings in budget and management time

With ten free courses available for each employee and the inclusion of the Learning Management System to help manage employee training, EMlearning is making a difference in the workplace for IKEA Adelaide employees.

IKEA Adelaide has already reported seeing positive results through its Learning Management System.

“The EMlearning admin tools are quick and easy to use, and provide detailed training reports.” Mardi added, “EMlearning has been of great benefit. Not only has it has freed up management time and provides employees with the opportunity for independent learning; the fact that the courses and Learning Management System are free has helped us save budget and redirect this into other WHS initiatives.” said Mardi.