We have partnered with Navigator Group to offer innovative support services to promote effective recovery and improve return to work outcomes. These services are evidence-based and aimed to help workers take control of their recovery journey.

Navigator Support Program (NSP)

We understand that a physical injury can affect someone’s life in many ways, including their mental health.

The Navigator Support Program is an independent service designed to support workers’ mental health following a physical injury by identifying and addressing biopsychosocial factors as they arise.

Navigator representatives regularly speak with the worker, screening for psychosocial barriers and providing a safe space for them to talk about their recovery journey confidentially. When psychosocial barriers emerge, Navigator representatives provide more frequent communication and referrals for appropriate treatment. As trusted counsellors, Navigator representatives empower workers with at-home tools and resources to help them navigate their recovery journey.

This program can be delivered either face-to-face or remotely and is an opt-in service that may be suggested by an EML Case Manager.

Active Recovery Clinics (ARC)

ARC is a specialised 12-week multidisciplinary treatment program to provide workers with peace of mind that their recovery is on track. It is designed to help support the recovery process of workers with musculoskeletal injuries, including injuries to the neck, shoulder, hip, lower back, knee, and ankle.

The worker attends a review with a team of specialists, including a Sports Medicine Physician, Psychologist, and Physiotherapist, every four weeks as part of the program. This clinical team provides a comprehensive clinical review to the worker’s treating doctor after each appointment.

After screening for psychosocial barriers to recovery, workers are empowered to complete a home-based exercise program, customised exactly for them. This is administered via an innovative and user-friendly digital platform – SWORD Phoenix.

SWORD Phoenix uses start-of-the-art wearable motion sensors linked to a tablet, which provides easy-to-understand exercises. As the worker engages in these exercise sessions, the tablet delivers immediate feedback on the accuracy of their movements while encouraging them and tracking achievement of goals.

With SWORD Phoenix, the worker’s clinical team can remotely monitor, assess, and modify exercises throughout the program to ensure recovery remains on track. This allows for rapid identification and intervention should any issues arise.

Accessible to all via telehealth, ARC offers an engaging, evidence-based way to speed up and enhance the recovery journey while increasing overall health and wellbeing – all from the comfort of home.