Workers’ compensation provides a safety net for workers injured in the course of their employment, and employers play a crucial role in supporting injured workers return to work or stay at work while they recover.

Employers are obliged to appoint a Return to Work (RTW) Coordinator as per the relevant state legislative requirements to support both the employer and injured workers. The role of RTW Coordinators is vital to achieving positive outcomes for injured employees and includes:

  • implementing an organisation's return to work program/information
  • preparing recovery and return to work plans
  • coordinating with medical specialists 
  • checking on the worker's recovery and their ability to return to work
  • monitoring the safety of job tasks when an injured employee returns to work
  • explaining the rights and obligations of injured workers to both the worker and employer.

We have a range of training, tools, coaching and a new collection of resources designed to support the important role that RTW Coordinators play in helping workers recover from injury and get back to work sooner. 



EML offers a wide range of face-to-face and virtual training through our employer event program which are free for EML customers. 

We have also recently released the following online courses through EMlearning which coordinators may find helpful:


Through our EML Offers, our customers can access exceptional deals on coaching from NthDegree that provides Return to Work Coordinators with a dedicated coach who will provide them with individualised training, support and advice in injury management and return to work related topics. 

Weekly benefits/income support factsheets

Access our range of colourful and easy to read collection of factsheets which have been designed to support employers in NSW, VIC and SA. They also include a helpful list of common definitions and notes to help clarify common industry terms. 


Return to Work Planning Templates

VIC: WorkSafe VIC

Return To Work Arrangements (includes proposed suitable or pre-injury employment)

NSW: State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA)

Recover at work plan – a tool for employers


Recovery and return to work plan

Safe Work Australia

Return to work plan


More information

Through the Mutual Benefits Program we deliver a range of training, tools and resources to support our customers achieve their RTW goals for their injured workers. If you have a suggestion for a resource that would be of assistance, please email

For more information on the important role of RTW Coordinators visit Return to Work SA,  SIRA or WorkSafe Victoria.