As one of the world’s largest supplier of recycled metal, Sims Metal Management operates within Australia from a network of 30 locations and has over 800 employees.

When a review revealed a high number of workers compensation claims were attributed to musculoskeletal injuries, Sims Metal Management turned to EML for support.


Pinnacle identifies high risk manual tasks

Through Mutual Benefits, Sims Metal Management (SMM) engaged Pinnacle Workplace Consultants to evaluate current work practices and identify solutions aimed at reducing the number of musculoskeletal injuries, and minimise associated manual task risk.

Pinnacle’s assessment of SMM’s Wingfield metal recycling site identified a number of high risk manual tasks, leading to the implementation of a Manual Task Risk Minimisation Project.


Positive employee engagement

As part of the project, Pinnacle worked with SMM employees to develop safety action plans, implement safety mentoring programs and improve both behavioural and operational WHS practices.

“Employee health and safety is a top priority for Sims Metal Management,” said Sims Metal Management SHEC Manager SA & NT David Davis, “The project presented employees with many innovative solutions to help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury associated with each activity.”

SMM expects to see a drop in claims cost by 15% annually as a result of these changes.

Employee engagement has also been another positive benefit result from the project. “Through the consultation process, our employees are seeing how we are working to improve their workplace safety and how they can be actively involved in keeping the workplace safe,” added Mr Davis.