YMCA provides numerous youth and family services to over 500,000 Australians each year. The community-focused, not for profit organisation employs 2,300 staff at 130 locations across New South Wales.

Following a review, the YMCA identified the need for a job dictionary and suitable duties register detailing job requirements across its business, to help reduce claims costs and improve return to work outcomes. The new dictionary and register would assist managers and Return to Work Coordinators identify duties suitable for injured employees, support early intervention and help implement return to work strategies.

The YMCA was able to access the funding and external expertise required to create the new job dictionary and suitable duties register through Mutual Benefits.

Clarity improves outcomes

The YMCA has achieved significant reductions in claims costs since implementing the job dictionary and suitable duties register and improved return to work outcomes. Key results include a 30% reduction in premiums in 2013/14 and a reduction in claims with time lost dropping by over 65% in just two years.

“The new job dictionary and suitable duties register has greatly assisted our managers identify return to work options for injured workers. It has also empowered their ability to negotiate upgrades in fitness for work; as they now have a clearer understanding of job requirements and can communicate these more confidently.” said YMCA NSW Workers Compensation Officer Ms Tori Walker, “While the initiative has resulted in savings we have been able to reinvest back into the organisation; we have, more importantly, been able to help improve return to work outcomes for injured workers.”