Injured Police Officers' children benefit from unique support

EML has committed to assisting children of injured NSW Police officers through an 18-month sponsorship of Kookaburra Kids.

Now in its 17th year, Kookaburra Kids provides age-appropriate mental health education and early intervention for children whose parents have a mental illness.

The sponsorship enabled additional 38 children to benefit from activity days, camps and mental health education provided by trained leaders to build resilience and coping skills. 

Behind every Police Officer is a family sharing the highs and lows that come with the profession. Ensuring officers’ families have support will help the healing process. EML looks forward to being involved with such a worthy program. EML Executive Director Mark Coyne  

The children, aged eight to 18, will have the chance to meet new friends who may be having similar experiences.

The Kookaburra Kids program of activity days and camps delivers mental health psycho-education to build resilience and coping skills and is facilitated by trained leaders.

We are thrilled to be able to work with the children of such important members of the community, ensuring these families are well supported with an increased understanding of mental illness. Kookaburra Kids CEO Chris Giles said.

EML has been partnering with NSW Police for more than a decade, delivering innovative and leading mental health and recovery programs specially designed for frontline responders.

Through collaborations with emergency service agencies and university research we’ve delivered nationally-relevant, officially endorsed resources for the prevention and management of psychological injury, such as PTSD, amongst emergency service workers.

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