EML has created a four-part video series to help injured workers prepare for the first appointment with their treating clinician. 

Known simply as The First Appointment, and created in consultation with Black Dog Institute, the videos aim to encourage injured workers to commence treatment mentally and physically prepared so that they can play an active role in their own recovery.

“Having an insight into processes, procedures, what to expect from your provider and what you need to bring to the table is invaluable,” EML CEO Mark Coyne said.

Something as basic as knowing that you can ask questions and talk to your psychiatrist about medication side-effects can change the course of your recovery.

“We want injured workers to feel supported, confident and optimistic about their treatment and recovery.”

Three videos centre around the first appointment with a psychiatrist, psychologist and exercise physiologist. The fourth is devoted entirely to PTSD – an area EML has been committed to addressing as it continues to be an injury that effects so many in the community.

Expert health professionals outline the process. A worker who has lived the experience of mental health injury and recovery also shares his experiences to help others.

EML, a trusted provider of personal injury claims management nationally, is committed to helping injured worker access the best treatments at the right time.

These videos will be a useful tool for case managers, peer support teams, employers, loved ones and friends of injured workers,” Group Executive, Personal Injury and Guest panel co-ordinator Geniere Aplin said.

Developed as part of our Member Benefits program, the videos can be viewed here eml.com.au/fav

EML is urging people and associations to widely share the videos so as many people as possible can benefit from the knowledge.