Life can be overwhelming at times, especially when things don’t feel quite right at work.

Although you might feel like nothing can cheer you up, most of the time you will overcome these feelings of stress and anxiety.

How do you know if it is time to seek help?

Try a checklist such as this one by Beyond Blue to understand your current situation.

If your employer has an Employee Assistance Program, give them a call and have a chat to one of their counsellors. This service is confidential and can really help you to feel better.

It’s also important to visit your GP - they can give you advice and if appropriate refer you on to psychiatric or psychological assistance.

We have developed a range of fact sheets that can assist you to locate additional services.

Seeking support can seem intimidating but early intervention is the best course of action when faced with overwhelming anxiety and stress.

Support organisations

Black Dog Institute

A not-for-profit which is internationally recognised as a pioneer in the identification, prevention and treatment of mental illnesses, and the promotion of well-being.


A national charity providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

Beyond Blue

Information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.