By improving employee health and wellbeing, EML and Chem-Supply are reducing the risk of workplace injury.

Wanting to invest in the health of its employees, leading Australian chemicals supplier Chem–Supply accessed Mutual Benefits to engage Pinnacle Workplace Consultants to undertake a series of employee health and fitness checks.

While the health checks were welcomed, many employees were surprised with their results, initiating a company-wide focus on improving overall employee health. Recommendations from Pinnacle included the purchase of fitness equipment, introduction of group exercise activities and healthier catering options.


An energised workforce

“Since we initiated the wellness campaign, our employees are noticeably more enthused and focused,” said Chem–Supply Rehabilitation & Return to Work Coordinator Anne Deaton.

Following the implementation of the wellness campaign, Chem–Supply enjoyed a notable increase in employee morale and work culture, with a number of employees also able to quit smoking.

“The health checks and wellness campaign developed by Pinnacle were one of the best things we could have done for our employees. We expect to see further reductions in workplace accidents as our employee’s improved health and fitness levels will hopefully protect them from potential injuries which may have occurred due to their previously less fit physical condition.” said Ms Deaton