Iconic Australian brand SPC, with the support of our Mutual Benefits Program and our partners AON, embarked on an ambitious employee mental health and wellbeing program in 2021.

Key to the success of the strategy was combining a range of innovative approaches which provided a scalable delivery of support and education to their workforce. These approaches included digital solutions, online training and evidence based face-to-face education and therapies.

Supporting a mentally healthy workplace culture

Join Lauren Christiansen, General Manager Partnerships and Distribution at EML, as she discusses SPC's Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

WeCARE learning case study

The following case study has been prepared by FactorC and is supplied with permission from SPC and AON, in support of other employers wishing to improve the wellbeing of their people. 

Creating safer workplaces

We are committed to making a positive impact to our customers and their employees. Through our Mutual Benefits Program EML customers can access a range of tools, training and resources to help create safer workplaces and support injured employees return to work sooner.

New to EMlearning

A key element of the award winning WeCARE program is now available to EML customers for free through our online customer training platform EMlearning.

Simply log into your account and search for How to Help a Teammate in Distress

It's been really important to partner with players like AON and EML to be able to bring this strategy to life. They've been with us the whole way. Pam Arnold, Head of Safety Risk and Governance SPC