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First Appointment Videos

First Appointment Videos

Experiencing a work-related injury often creates uncertainty and stress. Having insights into the process, procedures and roles of the provider and the injured worker themselves during the first appointment can be invaluable.

This 3-part video series developed by EML in conjunction with Black Dog Institute helps injured workers to gain an understanding of what to expect from their first appointment with a psychologist, psychiatrist or exercise physiologist, as well as how they can prepare for the appointment, actively participate in their recovery and get the most from their treatment.

These videos feature advice from leading experts in psychology, psychiatry and exercise physiology, as well as Craig Semple, a former Detective in the NSW Police Force who shares his experiences when attending his first appointments.

Course duration: 20mins


Keeping Workers Safe

Keeping Workers Safe When Working from Home

Working from home has rapidly become a permanent feature of working life.

Whilst this has many benefits for both employers and workers, there are also unique challenges for managers and supervisors to ensure the safety of their workers whilst they are working from home.

Employers are obligated to ensure the safety of their staff, and this includes those that are working from home.
This course supports managers and supervisors to ensure the health and safety of workers that are working from home, and covers topics including:

  • legal obligations
  • hazards and risks associated with working from home
  • practical strategies, resources and references to help manage working from home hazards and risks.

Course duration: 20mins


(Mis)Behave with Dave

Mis(behave) with Dave

Workplace culture can have a huge impact on the mental health and wellbeing of employees.

Around 20% of workers will experience a mental health issue, and this can have an enormous impact on their professional and personal life.

A positive work environment can reduce the incidence of absenteeism, stress and anxiety.

(Mis)behave with Dave is an entertaining and informative six-part video series highlights what employers, managers and supervisors can do to reduce the risk of mental injury among employees.

Join comedian Dave O’Neill and leading Organisational Psychologist Dr. Peter Cotton as they navigate a range of common workplace mental health issues including:

  • Incivility
  • Mental Health Stigma
  • Work Overload
  • Early Warning Signs
  • Change Management
  • Bullying

In addition to the videos, this course also provides a range of helpful resources and links.

Course duration: 40mins


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