EML has launched (Mis)behave with Dave - a video series starring comedian Dave O’Neil and workplace mental health expert Dr Peter Cotton which aims to improve mental health in the workplace. 


Set at the fictitious Inappropriate Corporation, the videos take a humorous approach to help to break down the barriers to discussing mental health, while effectively driving the message home to employers and employees, across all industries.

EML CEO, Mark Coyne, said that the videos represent an effective partnership between humour and expertise to deliver a serious message effectively.

“Dave O’Neil is a well-known comedian that people want to watch. By using his skills to open the door to serious subject matter, it helps to lose the stigma and get the message through,” he said. 

As a mutual organisation, EML reinvests some profits to fund programs that support employer members to create safer workplaces. PWC research commissioned by beyondblue found that the average ROI from investment in mental health initiatives in the workplace is $2.30 for every $1 invested.

“Employers can use the videos as education and training material, and a way to get the conversation started about mental wellbeing at their workplace,” Mr Coyne said.

The videos address such issues as bullying, mental health stigma and incivility in the workplace, featuring practical tips employers can apply. There are checklists for each topic so employers can rate their workplace and create an action plan for change.

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