EML has delivered an Australian first for the workers compensation industry by creating an animated video for workers that features personalised information, such as their case manager details.

“We know that workers can find the workers compensation system hard to understand,” says Helena Swindells, Customer Experience Manager, Victoria. “People don’t know what they need to do, what treatments they can access and how we can help them recover and get their lives back.

“We created a video to make things easier,” explains Ms Swindells. “It’s interactive, so people can choose which topics they want to watch, whenever they want to. Every worker with a new claim lodged with EML in Victoria now automatically receives an email with a link to their personalised video”



“We’ve tested it with employers and workers, and we’ve received a lot of positive comments so far,” says Ms Swindells.

Chris, a worker who was injured in 2016 and has now returned to work, tested the new videos and commented: “The information in these videos was easy to understand, and the way that it is mapped is very user-friendly. There was a good emphasis on important information and it would have been great if this was available to me early in my claim.”

You can view the key topics from the video here.

For more information or feedback about the videos, email info@eml.com.au